Panicked Woman Jumps In Freezing Pond To Save Her Dog

Panicked Woman Jumps in Freezing Pond to Save Her Dog
YouTube- SWNS TV

It’s winter, when lakes and ponds tend to freeze over. It’s important to keep an eye on your dog because they don’t know the dangers, especially during this time of year.

This happened last winter when a woman’s dog crashed through the ice covering a boating lake at Alexandra Palace in the United Kingdom.

Sultan Olgun was working the cash register in a nearby café when the women came in to get a cup of coffee.  They both saw the dog fall through the ice.


The woman panicked when she saw her dog go under the ice.  She ran out to the pond, and took off her coat, shoes and socks before grabbing a buoyancy ring and jumping in the frigid water.

She swam out to get her dog and brought him back to safety.  The woman was in the water well over five minutes during this time.

Our dogs are family, and I totally understand why this woman would jump in the water.  It’s a natural instinct.  You’ve got to save your baby!

Would you jump in a frozen pond for your dog?  Please share your stories in the comments below.

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