Tiny Chihuahua Dog’s Amazing Journey To Recovery

Tiny Chihuahua Dog’s Amazing Journey to Recovery
YouTube- Jennifer Collier

Lemon is a tiny Chihuahua who was brought to the Kent County Animal Shelter in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a stray.  Hearing her amazing story had me in tears.

She was in horrible shape when she came into the shelter.  She was emaciated, hypothermic, and dehydrated.  She couldn’t stand or sit.

She weighed only two-and-a half pounds, and her chances for a full recovery were pretty slim.


The only thing working was her tail, which went into overtime every time she was shown some affection or given nourishment, and her spirit.  She was a fighter.  And it was that strength of will that gave her caretakers hope

The shelter immediately went to work to help her.  They put her on feeding tubes to help her get some nutrition into her little body.

They sent her home to a foster family for rehabilitation, and that’s where she finally found the love and care that she so desperately needed.  They fed her, worked with her, gave her a big comfy bed and lots of love.

Credit: YouTube- Jennifer Collier

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