Incredible Therapy Dog Helps Sandy Hook Students After Shooting

Incredible Therapy Dog Helps Sandy Hook Students
Credit: YouTube- HooplaHa

Dogs can be an amazing, calming force to help us get through tragedies.  On December 14, 2012, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 young children and six adults at Sandy Hook School in Newtown Connecticut.

Spartacus, a 125-pound Akita, with a gentle disposition and a gift for healing made a huge difference in the life of one particular student, Sammy.  In fact, the two have developed a bond that still continues today.

Sammy and other students were traumatized and shaken up after the tragedy.  They were having a hard time coping.  So Spartacus, and his owner Brad Cole, were called in to help the children through the therapy and grief process after the shooting.


When Sammy first met Spartacus, she finally had something that could really help her.  The two spent two-and-a-half hours together on Sammy’s first trip out of the house since the horrifying experience.

Spartacus helps Sammy talk through the experience.  She feels safe when she’s with him.  She doesn’t have to talk and share if she doesn’t want to.  Just being with him helps her be calm.

In a counseling environment, there is a feeling that you have to talk and that can be hard for kids.  Considering what they just went through, there are not words, only shock.

That’s the beauty of Spartacus.  He’s patient, loving, safe, and just giving love with no expectations.

It’s really amazing what animals can do to help humans.  Spartacus is a very special dog who is doing great things for kids like Sammy!

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