Starving Dog Thought He Was Going to Be Hurt Again But What Actually Happened Was More Than He Ever Thought Possible

Dog Gets More Than He Ever Expected

Benji was a dog who was rescued after being mistreated for a long time. His owners apparently “forgot” to feed him.

He lived on a 2-foot chain on a concrete floor. He was picked on all his life. Kids threw rocks at him and he couldn’t run away because of that chain.

Sidewalk Specials came to get him and he was so terrified.  He didn’t know what they wanted from him or how they were going to hurt him.


They gave him food. It was more than he’d ever seen. But he was terrified that it might be a trick, or he was going to get kicked.

They took him to the vet where it was determined he was in really bad shape. The vet was so worried about his condition that he even stayed after hours to make sure he got the treatment he needed.

It took a while to earn Benji’s trust because he’d never been treated well by humans before. But he was finally delivered to a foster family where he experienced kindness for the first time.

Over time he learned that not all humans were cruel, and finally he was ready for adoption. He again was worried about what the future would bring, but he found a future that was more than he ever, ever thought possible!

Check out Benji’s amazing transformation in the video below. You won’t recognize him! And I’m so happy there are good people in the world.


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