Was That Really A Fart? Dog Didn’t Think So.

Was That Really a Fart? Dog Didn’t Think So.
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This video is going to totally crack you up! This cute little baby was just sitting there on the chair lying on the dog when he just let it rip!

Most of us can agree that babies are the most adorable creatures. And we believe the same thing about our dogs. So this video is just cuteness overload.

So they were just relaxing on the chair. Then it appeared that baby needed to fart or poop or something.


So mom just sat there petting the cute little dog and encouraging her baby to let it out.

So that baby did what his mama wanted and just let it rip! As soon as he did that, this little doggie was out of there, in an instant! Boom… gone!

That dog knew exactly what was coming. And his nose wanted no part of that. Watch his reaction. This whole thing was just too funny!

Watch this priceless moment below. Did it make you smile? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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