Puppy Born With A Surprising “Selfie” On Her Ear That Is Beyond Amazing!

Puppy Born With A Surprising “Selfie” On Her Ear That Will Amaze You
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When puppies are born we can’t help but be captivated by how cute they are.  But in this case, one puppy was more unique than the others.  And it’s captured everyone’s attention.

Daisy was a 2-year-old stray that was taken in by Lollypop Farm at the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, New York.  She ended up giving birth while at her foster home.

The litter of puppies was so adorable!  Everyone just loved their cuteness!  Nobody even noticed how unique little Lucy was.


It wasn’t until the shelter posted a picture of this puppy on the shelter’s website hoping that she would be adopted into a loving family.

They received a note back from someone saying, “Oh look, she’s got a dog on her ear!

The volunteers at the shelter never even saw it before it was pointed out to them.  They were with her so much, I guess, they just didn’t notice.

When you look at the puppy’s left ear, there it is, clear as can be – a Selfie on her ear!  She has what looks to be a mirror image of herself right there on her ear.  Amazing!

It sure didn’t take long for this cute little unique puppy to be adopted.  Within two hours of posting the picture on their website, a loving person came into the shelter asking for Lucy to be part of their family.

To see this puppy’s astonishing mirror image of herself on her ear, watch the video below.  You’ll be amazed!

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