Owner Died And These Dogs Waited For Him To Return

Owner Died And These Dogs Waited for Him to Return
YouTube- Hope For Paws

If something were to happen to you, what would happen to your dogs?  It’s something that many of us haven’t thought about.

Unfortunately, it’s the poor dogs that suffer when we haven’t taken the time to create a plan.

In fact, this is exactly what happened to Fred, Ricky and Ethel.  They were living their happy life with their owner, and then… all of a sudden, their owner was gone.


These poor dogs ended up kicked out of their home and onto the streets.  Neighbors started to get concerned when they still saw these dogs just hanging around the house and fending for themselves… 18 months later!  They knew these dogs weren’t strays, and felt bad for what had happened to them.

One of the neighbors finally called a rescue agency called Hope for Paws.  Volunteers came right away to see what they could do.  The dogs were terrified and they had a hard time getting to them.

They lured them in with food, and used gentle snares to catch them.  But the dogs fought hard, and they were afraid the dogs would chew through the snares and escape into traffic so they rushed them into their car.

The three brothers are actually sweet and friendly, once they were used to being around people again.  They are all safe and well now.

Please use this story as an example of why you need to make a plan for what would happen to your dog if something happened to you.

They don’t understand, and you don’t want them to be hurt and terrified.  Planning ahead is the best you can do for your dog.

Watch their rescue in the video below.

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