Shelter Finds Emotional Letter From Dog’s Previous Owners

Shelter Finds Emotional Letter from Dog’s Previous Owners
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Roofus, a lovable Weimaraner mix dog, just couldn’t catch a break.  He’s been living in a Florida animal shelter for six years.

He waited patiently, but nothing would come through for him.  Several people took him home only to return again.  Some families said he didn’t fit in, and he was too old for other families.

Whether you’re a child or a dog, the older you are, the harder it is to get adopted.  And the same was true for Roofus.


In a dog’s life, age is different depending on what type of dog you are.  But regardless, a dog as young as five can have trouble finding a new home.  As in children, most people want to adopt a “baby” or a puppy.

Many people consider them seniors at that age, but it isn’t really true.  A dog who is well cared for can remain happy and playful well into their senior years.  And yes, puppies are so cute, but an older dogs seem to know they’ve been given another shot, and they’ll shower you with love and devotion.

So Roofus is waiting, and waiting… But then one day, one of the staff members opened his long-forgotten file and found a letter in there that had been written by his original family.  The letter said:

My name is Roofus. My family loves me very much but they have fallen on hard times. My daddy lost his job a year ago and can’t find a new one. My mommy tells me they have to downsize to a smaller apartment and can’t afford to keep me. I will miss my two-legged siblings so much. They keep crying and hugging me, begging mommy and daddy not to take me back to the shelter. I remember being at the shelter before. Your staff is very kind and nothing compares to a family. My family is very sad to give me back to Bishop but they know you’ll find me a new family that will love me just as much. They’re including my bed and favorite toys. Please find me a good home. Love, Roofus.

It was written by the original owners and given to the shelter when they left Roofus there.  It was scripted as though Roofus himself wrote it.

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