Kitten Falls In Love With Dog

Kitten Falls in Love with Dog
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Do you believe in love at first site?  Do you think a kitten and dog can fall in love?  Well… stranger things have happened.  🙂

Poncho is a kitten who was found after his mother abandoned him.  He was so little, he still had his eyes closed.

He was taken in by a family who nursed and took care him of until he was a healthy, vibrant kitten.


The family who took Poncho in also had a Pomeranian dog named Jinxy.  Somehow, Poncho fell madly in love with Jinxy.  These two couldn’t be any cuter!

Jinxy has the patience of a saint.  Even though Poncho is just a kitten with tons of energy, Jinxy just sits back and lets him go for it.

These two play all day, and sleep together at night.  They keep each other warm and are never far away from each other.

Who would have ever guessed that a dog and cat would become best friends?  Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

In the video you’ll see the pure happiness of this kitten.  He was just licking the Pomeranian puppy everywhere, loving and kissing him.  And Jinxy was letting the kitten groom her; can you believe it?

So yes, it’s not totally normal for a puppy and kitty to be so close, but never say it’s impossible.  If given half the chance, love can prevail.

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