Hilarious Rescue Pit Bull Dog Is Too Cute When He Tries To Copy Girl’s Cartwheel!

Hilarious Rescue Pit Bull Dog is Too Cute When He Tries to Copy Girl’s Cartwheel!
YouTube- Jacqueline Sloan

The more I learn about pit bull dogs, the more I realize how lovable they are.  They love to snuggle and kiss all the time, and they desperately want to please their human companions.

Meet Oakland, a 1-1/2 year-old pit bull rescue.  He was adopted by Jacqueline Sloan Ziegler from Pit Happens Rescue.  He very quickly became a very important part of their family.

Pit bulls are sometimes unfairly known for their ferocity, but Oakland shows just how adorable and lovable they can be.


Pit bulls are clingy dogs.  They want to always be with their family, and will try to emulate what their human family members are doing.

It’s just too cute when animals think they are people, and this video proves just that!

Oakland’s 4-year-old human sister, Kailyn, was showing off her cartwheel skills in the living room, when Oakland wanted to join in the fun.

That’s when Oakland started barrel rolling on the floor, trying to copy Kailyn’s moves.  I gotta say this cutie sure gets an A for effort!

Silly dog!  You’re not a girl.  You’re a dog.  But apparently Oakland didn’t get that memo.  🙂

Both times, Oakland came up a little short so Kailyn helped him out by falling on the floor and mimicking Oakland’s moves.

The result is hilarious!  You are going to love this video!

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