Hilarious Husky Dog Throws Temper Tantrum When He Doesn’t Want To Leave The Park

Hilarious Husky Dog Throws Temper Tantrum When He Doesn’t Want to Leave The Park
YouTube- Josh Gottsegen

Husky dogs must be the funniest dogs out there!  Husky owners know that these dogs are particularly talkative and expressive, and sometimes they act just like human children!

We all have a favorite place – a place where we belong, where our friends are, or where we can really be ourselves.  For this husky, that place seems to be the local dog park!

When his owner told him it was time to leave, this poor husky wasn’t quite ready for his time at the doggie park to end, and so he threw a major temper tantrum.


What’s even funnier, his mom said they go to the park every day.  And every day, this adorable husky throws a fit when it’s time to go home.

You can see him howling and crying, begging not to have to go home.  If you listen closely, you can almost hear, “Nooo, I don’t wanna gooooo momma!”  And the subtitles definitely make the video.  It’s just too funny!

Unfortunately, his mom wasn’t going to cave in.  She held firm.  But he sure gave onlookers a great laugh!

Be sure to watch this hilarious doggie tantrum below.  I can’t help watching it over and over!  It sure brightened my day!

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