Extremely Hilarious Husky Dog Throws A Temper Tantrum When He Can’t Get His Own Way

Extremely Hilarious Husky Dog Throws a Temper Tantrum
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Zeus is a Siberian husky dog, and he knows what he wants.  And right now, what he wants is a bath, NOT a walk!

Huskies have been known to be stubborn at times.  They are generally smart dogs, and have a wonderful personality.  But they can definitely be stubborn.  In fact, huskies tend to want to talk and argue.  Pleasing their owners is not a top priority for them.  So in his own way, Zeus is classic!

Zeus just wants mom to turn on the water and let him play.  And to get what he wants, he’s being a major drama queen!  He proceeds to howl and wail like a toddler and is not going to stop until he gets what he wants.


Mom wants to take him for a walk first, but Zeus is having no part of that.

This is just too funny!  Most of the time we’re seeing videos about how hard it is to get dogs into the tub, and this one just doesn’t want to get out water or not.  He’s just like a little kid trying to convince mommy for what he wants.

Watch the video below to see his temper tantrum.  Be prepared to laugh and laugh.

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