Guilty Dog Desperately Asks For Forgiveness In Such A Way That I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

Guilty Dog Desperately Asks For Forgiveness In A Way That’s Sure To Make You Laugh
Facebook, Anthony Federica Granai

Dogs know that when they do something wrong we’re going to be upset.  But for us dog lovers, it’s almost impossible to stay mad at our fur babies for long.

Meet Ettore the Labrador.  He’s apparently done something his owner, Anthony Federica Granai, was not happy about.

Even if you don’t speak Italian, you will have no problem understanding exactly what’s happening here.


I’m not sure what this cute puppy did, but he’s been caught.  Anthony asks him if he did this thing, and the dogs face says it all…

You can see the guilt in his face, and he goes all out to win his owners love back.  Talk about an apology!  This dog’s heartfelt plea is just cuteness overloaded!  I know I wouldn’t have been able to resist.

You can see the dog begging for forgiveness.  He holds his head down in shame.  It’s obvious his owner is talking to him, scalding him for what he’s done and why it was wrong.

The dog climbs onto his owner’s lap in the most endearing attempt at forgiveness.  He presses his head against Anthony’s chest, all while looking so incredibly forlorn.  He climbs into Anthony’s lap and tries to hug and love on him.

Well of course dad finally gave in.  How could he not!  Just look at those puppy eyes.  He didn’t stand a chance.

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