Grown Man Gets Down On The Floor To Play With Tiny Shih-Tzu Puppy. It’s Absolutely Adorable.

Grown Man Gets Down On The Floor To Play With Tiny Shih-Tzu Puppy. It's Absolutely Adorable.
YouTube- Philippe LISSART

A tiny Shih Tzu puppy is already as cute as can be, but that cuteness explodes to another level when you see this grown man playing with him.

Shih Tzu puppies are naturally very happy dogs. They are totally people oriented and love to play and cuddle with their humans. These dogs will quickly make friends with anybody, though they’re especially deeply loyal to their owners.

Apparently this puppy wants to play. And so his owner obliges him by getting down on the floor to be at the puppy’s level.


The dog is having so much fun on the floor with her owner. His tail is wagging, his body is wiggling, and he’s covering his face with love and kisses. Watching him squirm and wriggle all over his owner’s face is sure to bring a smile to yours!

No matter how old a Shih Tzu gets, they never lose their playfulness. They are incredibly enthusiastic, full of curiosity, and never get tired of playing.

Obviously the man is enjoying the playtime as well. He’s got his face down on the floor with the tiny puppy, and he’s full of smiles and giggles as the puppy showers him with love.

This tiny dog needs lots of exercise, as well, to keep him happy. …But what better way to get your exercise this this? He’s getting quite the workout bringing pleasure to his human. Because what makes him happy, delights his puppy!

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