Family Moves But Leaves Their Dog In the Freezing Cold With The Rest Of Their Trash

Family Leaves Dog Out With the Trash

Ollie-Loo is a 2-year-old pit bull-lab mix who was dumped in the snow with the rest of the trash. The family was moving away from their Detroit home and left him behind.

Volunteers from the The Detroit Animal Welfare Group found him curled up and freezing on an old broken recliner chair, just waiting for his family to come back.

He was starving and extremely underweight. His ribs were poking out from beneath his fur. He also had a broken leg that was going to require surgery.


A heartbreaking photo shows him clinging to the chair and the dumped belongings on the snow-covered street waiting for his family to come back for him.

Ollie-Loo was so happy to see people come to rescue him. He was in pain, but jumped down and started licking the volunteers’ faces. He wasted no time jumping into the volunteers car.

He’s since found a forever home with a man named Art. Ollie-Loo and Art became instant friends. He loves Ollie-Loo and Ollie-Loo loves him just as much. Now he has his own recliner.

Watch the video of the dog’s story below. But wait until you see Ollie-Loo just weeks after his rescue.

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