Ellen Invites A Pit Bull On Her Show And He Does The Cutest Thing To Win Over The Entire Audience!

Ellen Invites a Pit Bull on Her Show and He Proceeds to Win Over the Entire Audience!
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Because of illegal dog-fighting rings, pit bulls have gotten a bad reputation over the years.  Many people associate this breed of dog with aggression.

But it turns out that this is actually a HUGE myth!

Tia Torres, from a pit bull shelter called Villalobos Rescue Center, has taken it upon herself to stop this stereotype.  She appeared on the Ellen Show to further her cause.


Tia says that her program’s mission is to help these rescue dogs socialize with people and find homes.  They also use the dogs to help reform convicted criminals.

Tia has a hit show on Animal Planet called Bit Bulls and Parolees, which follows ex-convicts as they are released from prison, and are paired up with homeless, unwanted pit bulls.

When explaining the criminal reform program, Torres told Ellen, “Ultimately they teach each other.  The dogs don’t judge.  The dogs don’t care if you have a bad past or tattoos.  They just love you back.

The Villalobos Rescue Center is able to care for about 250 pit bulls.  There’s an overwhelming demand for these rescue dogs to be housed in her shelter, and it is challenging to find homes for them due to their unfortunate stereotype.

Tia says it’s about responsibility.  The truth about pit bulls, and dogs in general, is that the way we treat our pets is what ultimately influences their behavior.

If we nurture them and encourage kindness, then our pit bull friends are likely to be friendly, get along with others, and kind.  They can be loyal and loving.

Credit: YouTube- TheEllenShow

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