Why Do Dogs Prefer One Person Over Another And How To Get Him To Bond With You


Start taking a bigger role in your dog’s routine.  If you’re not the one feeding him, start taking over that task.  After all, dogs LOVE food… and the humans who give it to them.

Sometimes it’s hard to know how your dog was treated before he came to live with you.  He may have been loved and well cared for, or he may have been mistreated.  Either way, it’s important to let him know that he’s safe with you and that you love him.

Be very careful how you discipline him if needed.  Don’t ever yell or discipline him physically because this can lead to major mistrust issues.


Be sure he receives a lot of attention, from you and your family.  Play with him every day.  If he has a favorite toy, be sure to play with him using that.  And most dogs LOVE playing fetch pretty much any time, day or night.  Mostly, pay attention to what activities your dog loves and build those into your daily life with him.

Make time to groom him every day.  Nothing will help you bond better than this special attention.  And who doesn’t love some good brushing, while you’re petting and loving on him.

Take him for walks.  He loves to explore.  It’s great exercise for you, and great bonding time for both of you.  And if he likes cars, take him for rides.  Most dogs love the wind in their face.  These are things the whole family can get involved in.

Bottom line is your dog is pretty smart!  He can tell if you’re really enjoying spending time with him, or just doing your duty.  He just wants you to love him and make him part of the family.

What activities or things do you do with your dog(s) to make them feel loved and part of your family?  We’d love to hear your stories.  Please share them below in the comments.

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