Dog Takes Food From Stranger And Then Runs Off. Man Follows And Is Surprised At What He Finds.

Dog Takes Food From Stranger and Then Runs Off
YouTube- ViralHog

This cute little dog was out in the city of Bangkok begging for food.  When a man gave her some meat on a stick, he was surprised at what she did with it.

It was obvious this little dog was hungry, so this kind animal-lover in Bangkok, Thailand gave her some food. He expected her to swallow it immediately.

Instead, this little dog ran off, while holding the food in her teeth and not eating any of it.  She seemed happy to have it, but not to eat.


So the man was curious now and wondered what was up.  He followed this cute little dog.

To his amazement, he saw this little dog had a family.   She immediately began to share it with her four puppies.  After eating what they had, the puppies ran up to the man to thank him.  You can see him petting them.

In typical mamma fashion, this cute little dog was taking care of her pups.  You can tell she really loves them and will go to any length to make sure they are well cared for.

Just goes to show that a mother is always a mother, doesn’t matter what species she is.

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