Dog Nurtures Baby And Makes Sure She’s Warm Enough

Dog Nurtures Baby And Makes Sure She's Warm Enough
YouTube- baywatch106ify

Dogs have always been known as man’s best friend, but it seems they also have a particular attachment to babies.  Many times they become the baby’s “guardian angel.”

We have to be careful wen we bring a newborn into a house where there’s a pet.  As a dog owner, you’re never quite sure how the dog will react, especially if there aren’t already children in the house.

But then again, many times dogs go immediately into protective mode when a newborn comes home.  Maybe it’s because they’re so small.  Most dogs have a natural instinct to protect those who are small and vulnerable.


Newborn babies are so small and fragile, and they need to be protected.

Meet Champ.  He’s a yellow Labrador.

Mom brought her tiny newborn baby home and laid the baby down for a nap.  Champ wanted to know who this baby was, so he got closer to check it out.  You won’t believe what he did next!

Credit: YouTube- baywatch106ify

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