Golden Retriever Dog Found On Beach Had 46-Pound Tumor

Golden Retriever Dog Found on Beach Had 46-Pound Tumor
Source: KTLA

Henry was a Golden Retriever dog who was found on the beach in Newport Beach, California.  He had apparently been abandoned.

When Animal Control was called, they went to pick him up but were shocked at what they saw.

Henry had a huge growth on his belly.  It was so large that he couldn’t even lift his leg to use the bathroom, and it was so heavy he struggled to walk.


Animal Control Officer, Valerie Schomberg, took it upon herself to make sure he got the treatment he needed.  They found him a vet who would be willing to remove the tumor.  The expensive surgery was covered with donations.

Turns out the tumor weighed in at 46 pounds.  Vets say he is probably around eight years old and appears to have been a family dog.  Despite this huge tumor, he was very happy, friendly and affectionate.

The video is a little hard to watch in the beginning.  But then he had the surgery to remove the tumor, and you can see just how happy and healthy he is.  And weighing in at only 78 pounds now, he’s a whole new dog!

In an update, we found out the tumor was cancerous, but it was very slow growing and the doctors were able to get it all out.  The chances of it coming back are slim.

Thankfully Henry is healthy and safe now.  He’s full of love and life and ready for the next part of his journey.

Warning, this video might be a little hard to watch.

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