Adorable Dog Farts And Scares Himself Awake

Dog Farts and Scares Himself Awake
YouTube- jonnymaberley

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  I just can’t stop laughing!  Really! How can such a little puppy fart so loudly?  Too funny!

I mean, when it comes to dogs, there’s pretty much nothing that isn’t cute about them, right?  So to see this dog freak himself out with a fart is pretty hilarious.

Yes, this may be a little silly, and I’m not really into farting dogs, or farting anything for that matter.  But this puppy, and the expression on his face cracked me up.  I’m still laughing!


At least we’re watching this on a computer instead of down wind from him.  And don’t judge, farts can be funny.  🙂

This cute little thing was just lying there on the carpet taking a little nap… dreaming and barking and totally enjoying his slumber, when all of a sudden that giant fart came out.  And it startled the heck out of him!

Take a look at this funny video below.

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