Dog Doesn’t Want To Play But Little Boy Still Loves Him

Dog Doesn’t Want to Play But Little Boy Still Loves Him
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This has got to be the cutest thing ever!  This dog doesn’t seem to want to play fetch, but that’s okay.  The little boy still loves him.

Most dogs LOVE to play fetch.  They’re up for playing all day long, for as long as they can get their human to play with them.

After all, they’re getting your undivided attention.  They’re getting all kinds of rewards from you, such as physical contact and love.  They eat that up.


But not every dog is into a good game of fetch.  Or maybe they’re just not in the mood for fun and games.

In this funny short video, we see this cute little boy running up to the little dog who is just sitting there on the couch.

He tries to hand the ball to the dog, but it just drops to the floor.  Then he throws the ball across the room and says what sounds like, “Fetch!”

The dog just looks at him and doesn’t move.  It’s actually really funny.  The little boy looks at him with a confused look.

When he figures out that this dog isn’t going to fetch the ball, he just walks over to the dog and gives him a big hug!  So sweet!

Looks like these two might be friends for life!

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