Dog Goes Crazy For Pet Store

Dog Goes Crazy for Pet Store
YouTube- Rumble Viral

Captain, the pug dog, loves Petsmart more than anything!  This dog goes absolutely crazy even by just seeing the Petsmart Logo!

This is the cutest video, and was recorded by his owner.  This adorable little dog was sitting in his little car seat in the car when all of a sudden the owner told him he was at Petsmart and he saw the store’s sign.  Then things got crazy!

He was so excited he almost lost his mind.  He was barking and jumping up and down and just going absolutely bonkers.  It’s obviously this little pug knew exactly where he was.


So the owner puts Captain on his leash and starts walking him into the store.  He can barely keep up with the dog that’s so excited to get in there.

Once they’re in the store, it’s obvious that Captain’s been in there before and knows his way around.  He sniffs everything in his path, but heads straight back to the Pet Hotel at the back of the store.

Don’t you just love how excited dogs get about everything?  Everything makes them happy.  They find pleasure in everything they do.  Everything they see and do is something to be celebrated.

It’s like they’re saying, “I’m so lucky!  Life is so amazing!”  And you know what… it sure is.  And we’re lucky to have dogs in our life to remind us of that!

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