Abandoned Dog With Broken Leg Is Determined To Save her Puppies

Abandoned Dog With Broken Leg is Determined to Save her Puppies
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Vera was a stray Greyhound dog in Spain who had a serious broken leg and was emaciated with starvation.  Many times when rescuers find dogs in this condition, they’ve often given up hope and lost their will to survive.

Lianne Powell found the dog scavenging for food.  She didn’t look like she was giving up any time soon.  Lianne took Vera to veterinarian Ellen Sobry to have her looked at.

When Ellen and Lianne got a better look at the dog, they knew immediately why she was fighting so hard to survive.  This skinny dog was producing milk and it was obvious that she’d very recently given birth to puppies.


Ellen and Lianne knew it was imperative that they find the puppies as soon as possible, so they stabilized Vera’s broken leg and gave her some food.  They named her Vera after the town where they found her.

Then they took her back to where Lianne found her to see what she would do.

Vera immediately started walking, determined to reach some destination.  Ellen and Lianne followed her but she kept going and going, limping on that broken leg.

Finally, after going a little over two miles, they reached an abandoned house out in the middle of nowhere.  Vera knew exactly where she was going.

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