Cute Little Dog Singing To Groomer Is So Cute I Couldn’t Stop Laughing!

This Cute Little Dog Singing To Groomer Is Going to Make You Laugh!
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We all know dogs can’t talk, at least in the human sense.  But they sure do love to communicate with us.  And that’s when the fun begins!  It’s just too adorable.

Meet Oreo, a Shih Tzu dog.  She’s getting the special treatment from dog groomer, Brenda, at the Oakland Vet Hospital.

Shih Tzus might be tiny in size, but they’re big on personality.  And this delightful dog certainly doesn’t disappoint.  This tiny little pooch is affectionate and lively and so cute to watch.


Brenda is laughing so hard.  She just keeps laughing and talking the to dog, and the dog is talking, or singing, right back at her.  The conversation is so adorable.

At one point, the dog stops talking and starts whimpering a little.  It’s almost like she got her feelings hurt by having Brenda laughing at her.  But Brenda keeps talking, and before you know it the dog is back in the game.

At times is sounds like the dog is saying, “Mama,” and at other times it sounds like she’s singing.

What do you think?  Talking or singing?

The video below sure had me laughing… so enjoy.  I could watch it over and over all day long!

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