Who Needs An Alarm Clock When You Have A Dog Like Lexi

Who Needs an Alarm Clock When You Have a Dog
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Lexi is a Samoyed dog that needs to go for a walk.  She’s bored, hungry, and it’s time to go potty.  She knows it’s time for dad to get up, and so oh so gently she is working to get him up.

When morning comes, most dogs are ready to get up and moving.  They want to go out and sniff about, and see what’s been happening outside while they were sleeping.  And of course, they want to love and play with their owner – and eat food!

So, getting you up and moving is important.  Unless you’re up, they can’t go outside.  Lexi is ready to go.  There’s just one problem – dad’s still asleep.  She just can’t wait any longer, and so it’s time to make it happen.


She’s so cute while doing this too.  In the video you’ll see just how gentle she’s being.  First she just sits there watching him.  When that doesn’t work, she starts gently tapping him on the chest with her paw.

Dad moves a little, opens his eyes, gives Lexi a kiss and goes right back to sleep.  Well that didn’t work.  Now Lexi has to get a little more aggressive.  She starts kissing and sniffing his face.  When that doesn’t work, she starts tapping on dad’s face with her paws.

It’s amazing how gentle she is.  Gentle, but not giving up until he’s up.  Sometimes you just need that push.  Wouldn’t this be a much better way to wake up than an alarm blaring at you in the morning?

This video is so darn adorable and its so sweet how gentle Lexi is with daddy.  How does your dog wake you up?  We’d LOVE to hear your stories.  Comment below.

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