Afghanistan Soldier And Military Dog Are Reunited After 2 years – Watch The Dog’s Reaction

Afghanistan Soldier and Military Dog are Reunited After 2 years – Watch the Dog’s Reaction
Source: Witness KwaZulu-Natal

Sheldon Holland and his war dog, Django, haven’t seen each other in two years.  They worked together in Kandahar, Afghanistan for 18 months.

During that time they grew incredibly close.  Not only were they partners, they had an unbreakable bond.

Django and Sheldon worked with the AMK9 unit in Afghanistan.  When their time was up, Sheldon promised his furry best friend that one day they would live together in South Africa.


Trying to make that happen was a lengthy, complicated process, but Sheldon was finally told that his best friend was finally on his way to South Africa.  Their day had finally come!

When Django finally arrived in South Africa at Johannesburg’s quarantine kennels, Sheldon was there waiting for him.

As soon as Django saw Sheldon, his ears perked up and he was so excited!  When they released his leash, Django bolted fast as he could and flew into the arms of his best friend.

The dog was so excited he couldn’t contain himself.  It’s obvious he missed his best friend!  He couldn’t stop jumping all over Sheldon and licking him everywhere.

Watch this heartwarming video, and especially the dog’s wagging tail.  It’s just too adorable!  I could watch this video over and over.

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