Watch These Adorable Puppies Groove To The Music

Watch These Puppies Groove To The Music
YouTube- gracia Arvianty

What could be cuter than seeing 5 Alaskan malamute puppies in the trunk of a car grooving to music!  This is so darn cute; I can’t quit replaying it over and over.

Have you ever noticed how dogs tilt their heads when they’re listening to you?  Nobody really knows why they do that.

Some people think it’s so they can hear better.  And I’ve heard some people say they believe it’s a sort of social signal.  They naturally want to show us that they’ve actively listening.  Maybe they’ve noticed that when they do that, they get more smiles and attention because it’s so cute, and they love the attention.


But when 5 do it in unison, it’s utterly adorable.  As soon as the music comes on, these puppies come to life.  It’s obvious they’re totally enjoying the hypnotic music that’s playing

I’ve never seen anything like this.

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