Adorable Pit Bull Puppy Makes His Own Bed Every Day In The Shelter. Wait Until You See What He Gets In Return.

Adorable Pit Bull Makes His Own Bed Every Day in the Shelter. Wait Until You See What He Gets in Return.
YouTube- SICSA Pet Adoption Center

An adorable pit bull puppy named Rush is making the news by making his own bed at the SICSA Pet Adoption Center in Kettering, Ohio, where he was living.

I mean, when have you ever heard of a dog making his own bed!  I’d say this one was pretty smart.

This incredible pit bull was abandoned, and nobody really knows how long he was living on the streets.  He’s so cute and adorable; I just can’t believe anybody would just abandon him like that.


So, he had been picked up and animal control and was living in the animal shelter when someone noticed that Rush had a very special talent.

Every morning, without fail, he made his own bed!  The staff at the animal shelter couldn’t believe it, so they grabbed a camera and captured a video of him as he diligently tidied up his bed.

He was just so cute doing this.  He was very careful and conscientious, and, in fact, did it almost better than any human!

Credit: YouTube- SICSA Pet Adoption Center

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