5 Things You Know For Sure If You Own A Pit Bull Dog

5 Things You Know For Sure if You Own a Pit Bull Dog
YouTube- The Dodo

You’ve probably heard all kinds of things about pit bull dogs, good and bad.  They seem to have gotten a bad rap.

It seems people are either terrified of them, or madly in love. Whether you are afraid of the dog or want one of your own, there’s plenty of good things to be aware of.

But here’s 5 things you probably don’t know unless you own one:


1.  They’ve got the head tilt down.

We’ve all seen that adorable head tilt that dogs do when we talk to them.  It’s so cute and endearing.  And pit bulls seem to do it better than other dogs!

2.  They can destroy any toy on the planet.

Pit bulls love their toys.  The puppies are enthusiastic chewers and can turn a toy into a pile of nothing within minutes.  They need toys that are indestructible and can withstand their playtime.

3.  They’re total clingers.

Even the most energetic pit bull craves being hugged and petted.  They love to cuddle.

They’re wiggly, cuddly, affectionate dogs.  And they love to kiss and lick.  They love being with humans and will remind you regularly how much they love you.

Credit: YouTube- The Dodo

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