200 Meat Farm Dogs Rescued In South Korea

South Korea Dog Meat Farm Rescue
Humane Society International

Two hundred dogs are getting a new lease on life.  These dogs were targeted to become someone’s dinner in South Korea.  But now they are free!

The Humane Society International goes out to these meat farms and shuts them down.  Two Hundred dogs are coming out of this particular facility in Wonju, South Korea.

This rescue is the sixth dog meat farm that Humane Society International has shut down.  A total of 770 dogs have been rescued since January 2015 as part of HIS’s campaign to completely shut down the dog meat trade in South Korea and all across Asia.


This particular site is important because it is also part of the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2018.  HSI is working with the South Korean government to support shutting down these dog meat factories before the event so as to avoid worldwide attention.

There were all kinds of dogs, from all breeds.  They lived in cramped, filthy cages.  This is so hard to see, or to understand, especially when you love dogs as much as we do.

They have been rescued from this horrible situation, but they still have a long journey ahead of them.

Source: Humane Society International

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