15 Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Dog

11.  Or a snuggle buddy who will cuddle with you all day.


They love to cuddle with you for hours on the couch and will even sit through a Netflix marathon with you.



12. She’s your faithful travel buddy…

Most dogs love the chance to hop in the front seat and join you on any and all adventures, no matter how small.


13.  He’s always happy to help you celebrate the good times…

They’ll celebrate anything with us, as long as they’re getting our attention.


14.  … and comfort you during the bad times.

Dogs are always beside us when we need them.  They can tell when we’re sick or sad.  And they’ll stay right by our side, often without moving, as long as we need them.


15.  And most of all, your dog loves you unconditionally, in a way that nobody else ever could!

They don’t care if you have messy hair, stinky breath or if you are in a bad mood. They are there for you, 24/7!

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