15 Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Dog

6.  Even on your absolute worst day, he will find a way to make you laugh.


We can’t help but have fun watching his delight at almost everything he does.



7.  He invades every inch of your space in the BEST way possible.

They don’t care if you’re working or studying, and resting… forget that! They just need to invade your personal space and show you all their affection.


8. When you’re gone, he misses you dearly and will wait for your return.

When you leave, they really do miss you.


9.  But when you do come home, you’re in for the most loving greeting EVER!

There’s nothing like our dogs doing the happy dance when we walk in the door to remind us that we mean everything to someone!

10.  You’ll always have a dependable playmate – any time, anywhere.

He’s always ready for a game of catch on a moment’s notice!

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