12 Amazing Photos Of Firefighters Rescuing Dogs

Firefighters need the right tools to help them rescue p
Source: PetFireAlert.com

Firefighters are some of the bravest and selfless people in the world. And it’s not just humans they help. They save dogs and other animals every day.

We can never know exactly when an emergency is going to happen, and we’re so thankful for these men and women who put themselves on the line to help others in need.

Much of their job revolves around fighting fires, but they also do a large amount of search and rescue.  These men and women are everyday heroes.


Here are 12 amazing photos of firefighters rescuing dogs.  Enjoy!

1.  A blind dog named Inge fell off a ferry dock and ended up in Lake Ontario.  A firefighter jumped into the ice water and saved this pure frightened dog.

Source: halopets.com

2.  Connecticut firefighter John Cusco rescued this adorable pup from the second story of her home.  Here he provides water to help her hydrate.

Source: toledoblade.com

3.  A thankful pup licks the ash off of his rescuer’s nose.

Source: Facebook/Firefighter Communications

4. Firefighter comforting dog who has been in a car crash.

Source: hs.fi

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